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The keystone of the Lafourche Education Foundation is its Grant Program, designed to recognize and support Lafourche Parish Public Schools and educators who implement innovative and creative projects that increase student academic achievement. Grants are awarded through a competitive proposal process, represent a variety of subject areas, are standards-based and have a strong evaluation component. Since 2006, LEF has awarded 235 grants totaling $451,928.00.

Our Paul Ruth Innovation in Education applications are checked for compliance to rules stated in the application. Each application, found to be in compliance, is blind reviewed by a panel of retired educators/community leaders. Scores received from those evaluations are totaled and assigned an average score. Average scores received by all applications are listed in descending order, and, once the LEF Board determines the amount to be awarded for the year, the grants are recommended to the Board for final approval and funding.

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Paul Ruth Innovation in Education Grant

Lafourche Education Foundation Innovation in Education Grant

LEF Innovation in Education grants are designed to encourage teachers to incorporate the most innovative, educational, and developmental activities into their classroom curriculum to provide students with an innovative approach to the learning process.

LEF wants to invest in you, the teachers who shape the future, by offering grants, not limited in dollar amount, that make it possible for you to incorporate bold, challenging, and educational thought-stretching ideas into your classroom to enhance the learning experience and close the achievement gap for all students!
Our goal with this grant is to inspire you to explore and create creative instructional strategies and to enhance learning for all students.

LEF will disseminate up to $30,000 in Innovation in Education Grants.  Individual grants cannot exceed $3,000.

Who can apply?

Any Lafourche Parish Pre-K - 12 teacher employed full-time by the Lafourche Parish School District.  The grant application is open to all teachers, as well as school clubs and club sponsors.  There is no limit to the number of applications that may be submitted from each school within the parish.
Applications meeting the required criteria will be scored by community volunteers selected by LEF to anonymously "blind read" and score the applications looking for the following qualities and attributes:

  • Innovation—generate new ideas that build creative capabilities and confidence. Try something that is not currently common practice. Be original! This is not about just asking for Chromebooks or iPads, this is about creating a setting for creativity, collaboration, and excellence. Any equipment purchased must be for the direct use of the students. 

  • Collaboration—collaboration is encouraged with: students, coworkers, parents, community, or all of these. How will you build a creative, collaborative culture? Who are they? What are their roles? Why were they chosen and what do they add to the project?

  • Sustainability—how will this become an embedded project in the future?  How does it impact academic performance? What are specific plans for expansion, continuation, or replication of this project. The project should extend beyond the grant year.

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